People are inarguably the greatest resources of an organization. That’s why sourcing the top talent from the industry and building a smart workforce should be a priority.

Iconic Core Global can help you do just that with our talent management processing service. We have a databank of top caliber talents, as well as the knowledge and experience to match you with your ideal candidates. We believe that building your workforce and maximizing its potential can make all the difference between standing out in the market and fading away. Talent management services, talent management in the philippines, recruitment services, recruiting services, recruiting freelancers

Our service…

  • Simplifies and streamlines recruiting, from employee selection to onboarding
  • Focuses on the development of employees, so they align with strategic business objectives
  • Minimizes training costs by focusing on key development areas
  • Prepares you for the future with more efficient succession management

Beyond Basic Talent Management

HR departments and executives typically use their resources for basic talent management—hiring and retaining staff. But if you wish to drive optimum levels of success, you need to focus on hiring and retaining high-performing employees.

To do that, we made sure our talent management process and general approach includes:

  • Understanding your Company and Discussion of Position Profile
  • Sourcing and Identification
  • Screening
  • Selection, Probing and Presentation of Candidates
  • Strategizing and Final Negotiation

Our service involves attracting, developing, and retaining the right talent for the right position at the right time. Our experienced team will align your talent with your company strategy, as well as identify specific competencies, define consistent leadership criteria, and cultivate your strategy for continuous growth.

In addition, we assist you with goal alignment. This powerful management tool clarifies job roles, as well as showcases the value of your employees. When you engage employees in goal alignment, you create greater role ownership, which often makes employees loyal to your company and more dedicated to a higher level of job performance.

State-of-the-Art Talent Management Technology

Iconic Core Global uses only innovative talent management approaches.

We have a recruitment management system designed to create a portal for job search and talent search. It curates talent from everywhere into one system, where you can organize and easily build talent pools for all your need-to-be-filled roles. This state-of-the-art system can also help your organization create and track job requisition, and efficiently guide candidates as they move through the recruitment process. It keeps talent profile data up-to-date as well.

We take the guesswork out of your process with data and analytics, which provide you with insight into what’s happening on the HR side of your business, and what actions you can take.

Up-to-Date Talent Management Approaches

We believe that businesses that implement up-to-date talent management processes are more prepared to compete in the global economy and utilize opportunities faster than their competitors.

Our team will help you adapt to talent management trends. With us, you become proactive rather than reactive, filling your critical talent needs promptly and effectively.


Create a healthy, nimble organization that’s ready to take on new challenges and goals. Work with Iconic Core Global for talent management services, today.

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