Around 50% of candidates fabricate their credentials on their job application, according to a study published in Time Magazine. Thus, in recent years, employee background checking has become an essential process for many companies in the Philippines. background checking, background checking services, background checking company, bir clearance

Iconic Core Global is one of the leading providers of human resource management solutions in the country. We specialize in employee background screening, offering services that confirm any information that a job applicant or candidateprovides to a potential employer in his or her resume, application, and interviews.


Customized Background Screening

Our team thoroughly screens and profiles candidates based on the job position description and requirements. But, we can customize our background screening services to align them with your company’s unique requirements, as well. We may look into additional facts about your candidate, such as their credit history and driving records, and include them in a comprehensive report that we will provide at the end of every assignment. Through our findings, we help you make a better and more informed hiring decision.

As one of the most trusted background checking companies in the Philippines, we offer the following services:

  • Employment Check

Our team verifies a candidate’s employment history to confirm their work experience and to make sure they have the professional, appropriate work background to fill the position. We may contact the human resources or payroll departments of the candidate’s previous employer. We may also check public domains to validate work-related information.

  • Education Check

We confirm your applicant’s educational credentials by verifying the diploma or certificate they said they earned. We may contact the institutions and ask for the university’s accreditation and proof of the candidate’s degree.

  • Professional License/Qualification Check

Similar to education check, we validate professional licenses and certifications by contacting the issuing agencies of the documents the applicant presents.

  • Criminal Record Check

We understand the importance of having employees that you can trust. Thus, we perform criminal record checks to find out if the candidate has  had any criminal convictions, in the past.  Serious criminal charges may suggest that someone is dangerous, unreliable, or not suitable for hiring. Even petty criminal records are crucial to uncover, so you can make an educated hiring decision. We source and gather information through public records and other legal means.

  • Identity and Character Reference Checks

Identity checks are, of course, vital as we don’t want you hiring a candidate who pretends to be someone else. With our identity and character reference verifications, we help you find a person who’s not only right for the job but has a strong moral compass, as well.

  • Activity History Check

We perform activity history checks to provide you with further information about a candidate. These may include credit reports, bankruptcies, medical records, and other details crucial to the job position. Credit and financial records, for instance, can be good indicators of trustworthiness of a candidate applying for a position where they’ll have access to the company’s financial instruments.

As a background checking company, we are your partner that ensures everyone who joins your organization isn’t only excellent at their jobs, but is trustworthy and has integrity, too.

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