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Your Partner in Human Resource Management


As a premier human resource outsourcing services company in the Philippines, Iconic Core Global, Inc. understands that people are the biggest drivers of business success.

We deliver strategic, innovative human resource solutions ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the country. We specialize in background screening, talent acquisition, communications strategy, and human resource management.

Our Collaborative Approach

Our team will work closely with you to determine your unique business needs. We will then tailor our HR solutions to match your requirements, bringing great impact to your overall business objectives. Moreover, we ensure smooth integration of our solutions to your current processes to achieve immediate, positive results. With our collaborative approach, we are your ideal partner in growing your business.

Our Iconic Team

Iconic Core Global, Inc. is the human resource outsourcing services
company in the Philippines you can count on. As a business that provides human resource solutions, we promote employee excellence—and of course, we start with our own team.

We’ve brought on board seasoned and high-caliber consultants with extensive experience in the field of human capital management in the Philippines. Our team knows how to pinpoint HR challenges that Philippine-based SMEs face on a daily basis. But more importantly, we have the skills to turn those challenges into excellent opportunities for business growth.

Work with us, and you can rest assured knowing that the running of your people and system processes in your business is in good, capable hands.


Human Capital Management

From Stellar Employees to Stellar Organizations

With our deep industry knowledge, we can help turn your current team into a stellar organization.

We provide HR solutions that will help you unlock your team’s collective potential. From talent multiplication to core values implementation, we will enhance the individual and group performances in your organization. We may also take on new strategic directions and combine these with your current resources to achieve organizational effectiveness.

Through human resource management, Iconic Core Global, Inc. will make sure that your organization has the capabilities to adjust to current and future business challenges.


Human Resources Analytics

What gets measured, get managed

Data analytics can help your company stay on top of the constant changes in the corporate world. In line with that, we have a team that assists you in extracting data related to your organization, as well as  provides key insights into what is and isn’t working. Moreover, we will work closely with you to align our evaluations with your strategic directions.


Learning and Development

Where Top Performance is a Priority

Our team formulates customized training and development to line up your organizational capabilities with your business requirements. We promote excellence in people by enhancing their skills and engagement with the goals of your company. We also conduct coaching and training of your team on a regular basis or as the need arises. After all, we recognize that by supporting your continuous improvement we fuel ours, as well.

Whether you’re looking for HR management solutions or simply need the service of an employee background checking company, Iconic Core Global, Inc. is your best bet.

Get in touch with us to know more about what we can do and why we’re one of the best outsourcing services companies in the Philippines today.